Product Design

The project you see here is a self initiated design brief. It’s the design for a human shelter. It was conceived in response to the enormous and harrowing issue of those who, through no fault of their own, are currently displaced and in transit. That’s an unbelievable 59.5 million people (and that number is forecast to rise). Half of those are children. They need shelter and they need it quickly. As designers, we want to do something about that.

The project is at the stage were we need to build a full scale working prototype. That’s expensive.

We need your help. We’re appealing for you to donate to our Crowdfunder campaign to raise the funds to help deliver the prototype. There is more information on the rd-shelter page. You can see that here:

It has come a long way from the notebooks, through the research, past the many models we have built, the drawings, diagrams and CAD work to this stage. This is an initiative that to date we have had to self fund. It’s a much bigger project now and we are asking for your support. It will work. We know (we all know) there is an urgent need and we want desperately to make it a reality. This need is very real. Particularly now. I believe this will make a difference.

Please give what you can, share with your friends on your networks and encourage them to share with theirs. Our window closes on the 11th of February. So, the time is now.

Thanks. Paul.

With thanks to UNHCR for the free use of photographic images by:
Mark Henley and Giles Duley.

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